Hotel Programs

Our teams offer a complete hotel sourcing and booking management service for cruise lines, from hotel quote production and contract negotiating, to onsite staffing and final invoicing



Agreements in place with a diverse portfolio of thousands of hotels around the world

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Extensive database - Relationships with thousands of hotels covering 100+ countries

Diverse portfolio - A diverse range of properties to suit all guest demographics, ranging from value accommodation to boutique and five star LUX properties

Strong relationships

A preferred partner and excellent rates with the world’s leading hotel chains

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Excellent value - Competitive rates as part of one of the world’s leading travel groups

Large contracting base - We are a preferred partner with leading hotel chains and independent accommodation provider

High volume - Our teams contract thousands of room nights per annum, working with the world’s leading cruise lines

Comprehensive service

We manage the entire hotel program process for guest and crew groups of all sizes

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Full process - Our global and local teams work together to handle quote production, contracting, booking, invoicing and guest handling, while also providing personalized and brand-exclusive hospitality desks and concierge services

Any capacity - We handle large group, charter and individual reservations, as well as longer stays and custom land programs for guests looking to extend their vacation

Crew hotels - Through working with vessels and crew every day we have a solid understanding of crew and cruise line expectations

Transport alignment - We integrate our transport programs with our hotel programs to ensure a seamless overall experience